Lisette & Tyler Sasso are a captivating couple who share love, a passion for music, & an eager enthusiasm for travelling the world! From cruise ship entertainers to wedding musicians, they are the Swiss Army knife of mainstream duos.
L&T’s music combines their unique styles & interests to create a modern acoustic folk-pop duo with depth & edge. Lisette grew up singing country music & loves modern pop; Ty grew up playing electric guitar & loves classic rock. They began their Duo journey while studying jazz music together in university, & the rest is history.
From Rock to Country, Pop to Jazz, L&T leave a lasting impression with cover songs & original music alike. They recently released their debut album titled “Lost at Sea” which earned them over 10,000 streams on Spotify. This 4-song EP was written while performing on the ocean, and speaks of happiness, love, mental health & self-discovery. The duo share 4 years working together in the cruise ship entertainment industry, 7 years of performing music together, & 20+ years in the field of music.
From hometown performances in Southwestern-Ontario at Caesars Windsor's COSMOS the Duo have branched out to perform on cruises & on land all over North America including Los Angeles, Toronto, & Nashville. Today, the duo frequent live music venues while on land, & continue to reach new audiences while on cruise ships throughout the year.
However, like many, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a temporary pause in their travels, so L&T have been focusing more of their time to providing entertaining content for their followers, friends, family and fans on social media.
L&T are both BMUS graduates from the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts. Lisette also holds a minor in Studio Art & Tyler holds a Masters in Contemporary Performance from the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain.
L&T embody the phrase “less is more” with their compact set-up and complex sound. Booking inquiries: (stage venues, live music bars, weddings, corporate events, dinner parties, cocktail hours, or other live music events)
Curt Mangan Strings
Senheiser MicrophonesGibson GuitarsAkai Pro KeyboardsBlue Chip PicksTC Helicon Harmonizer

Labour of Love

Lisette & Tyler, or L&T for short, are both a business venture and a love story. Whenever someone asks how long they've been together, or how they started as a duo, Lisette likes to tell them "[she] knew Tyler before he knew [she] existed."


The now-married couple are 3 years apart. They met in high school, where Lisette's father taught Tyler in guitar class. T's talent and handsome charm left a lasting impression, and earned him the spot as L's secret crush in her Grade 12 year book, even after he had already graduated!

The duo started dating November of 2012 while attending university, and gigging with fellow music students around town. They began their professional journey together as a Jazz Duo, frequenting local corporate events, weddings, and dinner/cocktail parties, with the repertoire they learned in the jazz program at the U of W's School of Creative Arts.


In 2013, Tyler was accepted to study abroad at the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, where he completed his 1-year Masters Program in Contemporary Studio Performance. L&T successfully embraced the long-distance relationship during their studies, and Lisette travelled to Europe to see Ty graduate in 2014.

Ty was the first to accept a contract with Carnival Cruise Line in the Summer of 2015. Later that year, he also taught as a session instructor for the Guitar Techniques class at the University of Windsor.


It was in 2016 that the couple applied to Carnival Entertainment together. Lisette graduated in the summer, and they joined the Carnival Inspiration in the fall, as members of the Showband "Imagine Blue." They also volunteered to perform as a duo onboard, for the ship's weekly Captain's Celebration. This was a learning experience as entertainers, musicians and team members, gaining knowledge and friendships while travelling from Long Beach, California to Baja Mexico and Catalina Island for 6 months.

After returning home, the duo continued gigging, landing their debut performance at Caesars Windsor casino's COSMOS Stage in 2017. In addition, Tyler earned a position in the pit orchestra for Windsor Light Musical Theatre's production of Mamma Mia! and Lisette put her StudioArt Minor to use, launching her own artist shop online and locally, as an art vendor, glitter tattooist, and digital graphic designer @lisettestudio.

Their second cruise contract brought them to Galveston, Texas and Cozumel, Mexico, as members of the Showband "Sail Force One" on the Carnival Valor. They continued to learn new repertoire in multiple genres and had the opportunity to perform in the Playlist Production main stage show "America Rocks." L&T also performed weekly as a duo in the ship's Red Frog Pub. This seven month contract was the stepping stone for them to transition into the Mainstream Duo position with Carnival Cruise Line.

On September 19th 2018, L&T got engaged! Tyler proposed to Lisette at Lake Moraine, during their vacation trip around Banff, Alberta. When they returned home, they reconnected with their friends Leaving Lennox from the Imagination contract which led to many laughs and a spur of the moment Willie Nelson cover.


The Carnival Inspiration 2019 marked L&T's first cruise contract as a Duo. During this time, they focused on learning new songs, developing their new sound, and expanding their versatility with new equipment. They also spent more time connecting with guests and engaging with their growing audience on social media.

While home, L&T made monthly appearances at Caesars Windsor while focusing their free time on future wedding plans, and writing/recording original music for their upcoming EP. This brought them to their next ship: the Carnival Liberty where the duo continued wedding planning, finishing their EP, & releasing a series of new cover videos online.


"Hey everyone! Thanks for reading! After 7 years together, we tied the knot September 5th, 2020!!

Though travels were suspended due to COVID-19, we are thrilled to have released our debut EP "Lost at Sea" back in March of in 2020 and so happy to be starting our next chapter in life together as Mr. & Mrs. in 2021.

In the spirit of new year’s resolutions, our new projects include blogging, building our email list to start a monthly newsletter, & contining to document our music, travel adventures, and never-ending love story . . ."