Lisette & Tyler

Live Music Duo

Currently Booking 2022/2023

"Lisette & Tyler are a professional acoustic duo with experience entertaining on cruise ships. They combine their unique styles to create a modern acoustic folk-pop-rock sound, complete with both smooth, soulful vocals & acoustic depth & edge. With live looping, a harmonizer, & a stomp pedal - along with a few more added tricks up their sleeve - you’d be surprised how much complexity this duo can create."

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"Love your music!! You guys don’t “cover” a song, you make it yours and own it! So much talent on the guitar and unbelievable voice control on vocals. Perfect pair!" - Don C. (2022)

"Both so talented and engaging with the audience. Any duo that can incorporate live looping and a ukulele into the same set earns kudos from me. Well done!!" - Glenn S. (2022)

"Best entertainment on the ship, professional talent. I met them on a previous cruise and they remembered me, took time to talk with me. Loved their shows. " - Tim R. (2021)

"Probably our favourite music act. Being a young couple, we appreciated their story and what they were doing. Loved their sound and overall creativeness." - Anonymous, Carnival Magic (2021)

"Lisette & Tyler are AMAZING. They have a huge variety of music that they play and absolutely nail every song. she sings everything beautifully and he is a master on the guitar. They come across very authentic and fun in their crowd engagement." - Anonymous, Carnival Magic (2021)

"Amazing duo. Could listen to them for hours on end." - Dienejes M.

"Absolutely incredible talent! Lisette has an incredible voice and Tyler never missed a chord. I would pay just to hear them play and sing." - Kenny L.

"Lisette has an absolutely amazing soulful voice & Tyler is a great compliment with his guitar." - Tammy B.

"Awesome duo and music. Lisette has an amazing voice and Tyler’s guitar playing rocks too." - Frank S.

"I was so blown away by the talent these guys have!!! Saw them on Carnival and it was seriously one of the best live music experiences I've seen." - Grant K

"Awesome performers! I loved their chemistry! Beautiful couple!" - Gwen Marie C.

"Lisette and Tyler are simply magical! A must hear!" - Regina D.

"Amazing voices and preform so well together! Love you guys!' - Judy P.

"Best Talent on the Cruise Ship!" - Glen D.

"This duo are a must see and look out for an up and coming album. Their music is a joy to listen to and lifts the heart and soul!" - John J.

"BY FAR the best entertainment on the cruise!!" - Michael & Ceeli