Where Are We Now + What's Next For L&T?

Lisette & Tyler Sasso | October 16, 2020


L- Hey everyone!

T- A fish flopped and I missed it!

L- Tyler's really excited to go fishing so we'll make this short:

L- So L&T here! We are really excited to do this video and tell you where we are at now and what's next for us.

T- We posted that picture a little bit ago on Instagram asking where you thought that we were.

L- We didn't give you much to go off of, we were just hiking.

T- We'll have more on that later.

L- But we're really really happy to be in this beautiful park. It's called....

T- Bayfront park in Hamilton.

L- In Hamilton!

T- So before COVID hit we did have a plan that we would, in between cruises, come up to the Greater Toronto Area and try to see if we can get some gigs down here, network a bit. Obviously COVID hit and things had to change.

L- The pandemic makes it tough for a lot of musicians and just artists in general I think to get things going, but we are doing our best. We decided to go forward with our plan just to see what we could do.

L- Before coming up here, you probably already know, but we got married! YAY!! So keeping to our pre-COVID plan of coming up to the GTA, we actually did manage to get one gig in November.

T- We'll keep you posted on that. I mean things with COVID can change so we don't want to say anything too early. So a little bit more about the picture that we took on Instagram. Right now we're doing Airbnb. We’re Airbnb hopping and what that actually does is it lets us check out different areas around the GTA. So we can spend the month in Hamilton. We can spend a month in Niagara Falls. We can take the time to do the networking that we need to do, but that hike that we took was in Dundas which is where our first Airbnb is.

L- The hike was at Tew falls. (t-e-w falls). This beautiful waterfall, we'll post some pictures of it if we haven't already.

T- So that's the gist of it. We're just kind of winging it a bit, trying to stick as much to our original plan as we can, but with the cruises, they look like they'll be out for a little bit. There are still some places that are having live performances which are nice. Again it's kind of tough with COVID. Patio season is coming to an end.

L- Yeah, we're doing what we can but we want you all to come on this journey with us as we figure it out. We're gonna be stopping in all these places, doing some VLOGS.

T- You're gonna follow us as we look around town to find some music venues that are still open, the different sites that are in town like the hike.

L- Fishing, Ty is really excited to get some fishing going. Lol

T- Right after this video!

L- We hope you enjoy coming on the journey with us as musicians trying to do their thing during a pandemic. Let's see how it goes folks!

T- Cruise ship musicians not on the cruise ships.

L- Oh yeah! We're really excited to get back to cruising and we hope that they can resume operations as soon as possible, but as we wait for that, we're going to do our best.

T- If any of you are in these areas please point us to any hot spots, restaurants, hikes, music venues, anything that's going on in your towns.

L- Yeah let us know. Any insight you have into the area would be really appreciated.

T- So there you have it that's..That’s...THAT' Well there you have it folks.

L- There you have it folks! Hope you enjoyed this video. We did our best, let us know in the comments also if you have any vlogging suggestions because, guys let's be honest here. We don't vlog very often. This is really new for us and as much as it is fun to put the video together, it's actually quite nerve-wracking. We are musicians first and foremost. It's really tough to share your life and share your daily behind the scenes without feeling like you look weird or you look, I don't know, like somebody's watching you. I Googled actually what do you do when people are around you and you're trying to do a vlog and they're like ‘You just have to ignore them’ and I'm like ‘How?’ You don't want to bother other people too around town. Anyway. But we're in this beautiful park we found a nice spot to take the video. We had a park bench but it didn't really work out.

--- blooper ---

L- Folks, we're having technical difficulties.

T- You're the difficulty lol.

L- Tyler can't stop going behind my head. *explosion noises*... What just happened lol?


L- My arm was getting so tired during the selfie video so instead we're sitting on some rocks just near the water. And we've got this beautiful tree above us hanging so we thought it'd be a cool little spot.

Thanks again so much for following our journey, watching our videos, listening to our music.

We really appreciate it and please let us know what you'd like to see from us. We would love your ideas what you'd like to see behind the scenes of the music.

T- Song requests. We're always learning new music.

L- Yeah, I mean we are still gonna do some cover videos here and there on this Youtube channel, so feel free to subscribe and hit the notification bell and we will see you in the next video!!!!

---> more outtakes & bloopers <---

Love and adventures,


💜 💙

What A Wedding - Thank You!!!

Lisette & Tyler Sasso | September 18, 2020

We can hardly believe that it has been almost 2 weeks since our wedding.

We’ve had some time to relax and reminisce since then, but we knew for sure that we had to mention all the amazing vendors that helped us make our wedding so magical & perfect for us. So we decided to dedicate our very first blog post to them!

Without everyone it could not have been so effortless....

A small message before we name everyone:

If you have any event coming up (wedding, birthday, cooperate event, etc) that needs ANY service listed below, contact these amazing and talented people!

We highly recommend each one of them.

Now to meet the vendors!

First, our photographer Sarah Jane Photography

She was with us every step of the way each day and captured all the special moments.

Working with her was a breeze and she made us feel so comfortable around the camera, like it wasn’t even there.

From giving us a sneak peek custom slideshow, to keeping us in the loop right up until the final photos, we know we made the right choice and we are so excited to share them with all of you!

Our DJ Paul, aka DJ PJ Productions

Even without dancing at the wedding due to COVID, the day would have been impossible without his selection of music, to fit the mood of the cocktail hour and reception.

His awesome MC abilities kept the evening on schedule and everyone aware of what was happening.

He had everything we needed & more, including

  1. a projector and screen for slideshows,

  2. an extra wireless microphone for talking,

  3. & a second sound system for the outdoor cocktail hour.

He had a smile on the whole time and the evening went so smoothly!

Our Decorator/Videographer team Mike & Robyn at Phat Boy Productions

Just as a decorator alone, Mike and Robyn had all the bases covered.

They even ordered in special requested blue & purple coloured linens, and worked with us closely to match our vision for the table decorations, as well as set up all the flowers brought in from our florist.

They created the perfect visual backdrop, both inside and outside.

On top of that, they also captured our wedding video from every angle, and were always finding great spots to capture the moment. We are so excited to see these memories recorded on film forever!

Our officiant Betty Jean Bumbacco

Even with limited meetings due to COVID, she still worked with us closely to create and design a ceremony that fit us.

We thought the ceremony could be a hard part to figure out, but Betty’s website had clear templates and wonderful options to customize.

She made the process super easy with suggestions and guidance and the end result was a ceremony that was so special to us!

Our celebrant Fr. David Butler

He worked with us to create L's convalidation ceremony the next day and guided everyone through an amazing rehearsal with the wedding party.

He was always kind and genuine spending time communicating back and fourth with us and his understanding with changes due to COVID was so helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thank you as well to the Good Shepherd Parish staff for all their time and help, we were so happy with how it turned out for a beautiful wedding weekend!

Our surprise display from K&H Distributing Fireworks

They provided the fireworks for our end of the night wedding surprise!

Setting up the fireworks was done during the reception, so none of the guests would know about it, and they were punctual and ready to go outside at the end of the night.

A quick signal to the workers, and they began the show - it was a spectacular and perfect ending to an already perfect day!

Our good friend Mike Karloff

When deciding what might be good options for ceremony music, we both knew Mike was going to be perfect.

We gave him the list of songs that we were thinking, and he played them absolutely flawlessly, better than we could have even imagined - so much so that we both mentioned how perfect it was while he was playing.

We are so thankful that you could share your talent with us for our wedding, thank you Mike!

Our dessert shop, Sweet Revenge Bake Shop

If you are looking for the best desserts, this is the place to go. We had our cake and assorted desserts done through them.

They had customizable flavours for everything including the macaroons, cupcakes and of course the cake, with a long list of selections. They even used purple and blue sprinkles to match our theme on the chocolate covered strawberries. Their attention to detail made the night even more special.

The wedding cake itself was decorated with the perfect blue & purple colour gradient and had our L&T duo logo right on top.

Not only was it beautiful but deciduous too - we had a lot of fun after the wedding eating left-overs!

Our ring shop Precision Jewellers

All three of our rings were done through Precision Jewellers.

Their team was always ready to help us every step of the way. Even designing custom rings from scratch was an easy and effortless process and the wedding band matched up seamlessly to the engagement ring.

We were able to keep everything in our price range, which is always a great thing. Dan and his team at Precision Jewelers are the way to go!

Our florist Magdalena at Diva Floral Designs

When we found out about purple and blue orchids, it was a must-have as part of our wedding.

Diva Florals was able to get just what we needed in-time, and created beautiful purple and blue ceremony & reception displays.

From complex larger arrangements to the simple elegant blue orchids for our floating candle glass vases, the flowers were exactly how we envisioned!

We have a handful of people to thank for their work. First and foremost is to our wedding coordinator Melissa.

She was with us every step of the way to piece our wedding together all within 41 days notice due to COVID. She made all the venue options clear, so we were well-informed and confident in making decisions. She endured countless calls and emails from us, but was always willing, ready and available to help.

Second, the wait staff and bartenders along with caterer Chef Don. Their involvement was absolutely crucial.

From serving the amazing food and drinks during cocktail hour, to serving everyone their meals in a timely fashion - the team made the reception seamless.

We have zero regrets choosing Sprucewood and want to thank them for having everything we needed at this absolutely beautiful venue!

Thank you to all our guests!

Lastly, we have to thank all these vendors and all of our guests again, for working with us to follow the COVID government guidelines, making our wedding as safe as possible given the current situation.

We knew that to hold our wedding this year would we would have to ensure to do it safely. This meant a lot of changes and though it may have felt different at times, everyone was so great about it, and we want to thank you all for that!

From both of us, we sincerely look back on our wedding with AMAZEMENT, but we could not have done it alone. We were also happy to toast to our extended family and friends, thank you for celebrating from afar with us.

We are extremely grateful for this special time in our lives and so happy to be married in 2020!

Stay tuned on our socials for wedding photos and videos coming soon!

Love & excitement,


💜 💙